Transactis Moderates Panel on the State of Faster Payments in the U.S.



What is the state of faster payments in the U.S.?

Transactis CEO Joe Proto moderated the opening session at the Payment Innovation Alliance’s final meeting of 2017 to answer this very question. The panel included Jan Estep, the CEO of NACHA, Kevin Christensen, SVP, Market Intelligence & Data Analytics at SHAZAM, Matt Friend the VP, Head of Product Strategy & New Product Development at Visa and Peter Davey the VP, Payment Innovation at The Clearing House.

The group of payments experts discussed a variety of industry perspectives from stakeholders who participated in the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force and are now part of the Interim Collaboration Work Group (ICWG). The discussion focused on where the U.S. stands compared to other countries when it comes to faster payments, as well as its current and future implications on the industry.